Holistic Beauty

My Approach

I have been intelligently and intentionally mastering my skills as a holistic beauty practitioner in order for you to walk away from treatment feeling LGHT, radiant, and empowered. Through an in depth consultation to deeply therapeutic touch, I ensure you are nurtured completely so you feel your inner glow shining on the outside.

My practice guides you to feel into your intuition/connection with your skin through a non-judgmental assessment of your overall lifestyle and health. My values lie in treating you and your skin with integrity while upholding standards for efficacy. I believe that nature has the answers for our skin’s health and that ancient, healing beauty rituals have a place in your daily lifestyle and routine.


Adaptations for Facial Gua Sha Fusion

Gua Sha "Gwa Sa" Facial Massage (Gua Sha stems from TCM and helps clear pathogens from the blood through scraping) aims to increase the circulation of the skin (of the face) and stimulates the lymphatic system. In doing so, the skin can fundamentally transform when cleared from stagnation. Gua Sha, in Mandarin, means “to scrape”, or literally translates into “to scrape sand”.


Facial gua sha, a gentler approach than what is traditionally used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) on the body, can benefit the skin by de-puffing, reducing irritations and erythema (redness), transforming texture, and releasing facial tension that can lead to lines and wrinkles to name a few. Paired with facial cupping, the gentle suction will enhance muscular stimulation, further relieving tension, stimulating circulation, and regenerating/repairing the skin.


Sessions with me will include a thorough skin consultation and customized gua sha facial massage and/or cupping to create a foundation of radiance and vitality for your skin and its health.

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