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Womxn of Philly Pivoting During this Pause

This blog is a part of an effort to support local female entrepreneurs and not deflect from the recent events in Philadelphia and the nation/globe as a whole. These womxn have upheld her word to her community and showed leadership during both the COVID crisis and in response to justice for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color), and for that, I am in full support. These business owners/creators are BIPOC and non-BIPOC, who from my understanding, are actively sharing resources, raising her voice, educating, mobilizing, and taking steps towards dismantling racism and choosing to be anti-racist (and committing to "the work").

We have responsibility to our communities to continuously show up and support through using our privilege, voice, resources, and work to mobilize efforts to bring healing and stand in solidarity. Some local businesses may have been damaged but speaking on behalf of myself and hopefully my associates, we understand NO life equates to a business.

Again, it is not my intention to deflect from our current crises (note, plural), but to shine a light on the way these womxn have continuously chosen to be a beacon for her community even during personal or larger adversity. Please read her story, and support her business/efforts/work if you can (and support BIPOC local businesses). My next posts will be on more resources specifically for how my white friends/associates/community can be more informed on what to do to dismantle white supremacy.

Virtual Offerings:

Brandi, of Creator of Hike and Heal


“Currently with the inability to host healing hikes and wellness events, I have been forced to shift and pivot. With that being said, I have increased my virtual offerings to weekly check-ins called Hopeful Hours which occurs every Monday 5-6pm. In addition, every other Wednesday I host Healing Hours, a virtual women’s healing circle where we work on ourselves in community as we share experiences on focused topics. My goal is to continue to bring clarity, courage and community to as many healing hunnies as I can reach.”

Image by Jen Strickland

Caroline, Acupuncturist Specializing in Fertility of Restorative Harmony


“In responding to the COVID-19 challenge of temporarily pausing my acupuncture practice downtown, I have pivoted by launching the third cohort of my live virtual fertility coaching program which received a huge response. So many women have been left out on a lurch in their fertility journeys with doctors' offices and labs closed.

I also shifted my course to really address the concerns of women right now-...really focusing on mindset support, body nurturing and nourishment, self-care, and immunity. I am looking forward to launching another cohort this summer as many people are staying home from vacations and will need the extra support.”

Hava Rose, Chiropractor, and Creator of The Write Echo

“Quarantine has been a gift that has allowed me to fine tune and clarify what my passion and purpose work is in this universe. This time has allowed me to refocus on the supportive wellness work that I provide in other avenues aside from chiropractic work. Virtual workshops for The Write Echo, has been an exciting adventure and eye-opening at how it is possible and highly likely to reach the world with the virtual component.”

Bonus skincare— My biggest summer skincare is moisturizing! I love to massage Argan oil into my face after a cleansing routine. And make sure to moisturize my body with Shea butter and/or argan oil, especially the areas of skin that are being exposed to the sun regularly.

Vivane, Esthetician at Rescue Spa and Founder of Viviane Aires Skin


"As soon as we were told to self-quarantine, I thought to offer virtual skin consultations. At first, I didn't feel comfortable charging, so I offered, pay what you can. Then I realized the need for a better understanding of one's skin needs and the right daily and weekly skincare routine do address overall skin health.

Therefore, I'm looking to implement the Virtual Skin Coaching sessions to my business wherever I go, in the near future. My intention always has been, to inspire my clients to commit to the process of caring for their skin.”


My standard for Summer skincare is a stable Vitamin A + C serum under the moisturizer and Sunscreen.

Contactless Delivery:

Sabeen, Owner of Indie Shelf Philly


“With no online store and a baby coming, I had to improvise and find the best way to take care of my business and clients after the mandatory shutdown. Instagram has always been a strong point for us so I just took it to another level and started to really promote our products there. We always offered concierge service but it wasn’t as popular as it is now. I’ve been working directly with my clients and putting together the products that are best for them. I’ve been doing local contactless deliveries as well as shipping all over the US. This has kept our business alive and I believe it’ll continue when we reopen. I will also add curbside pickup in addition to delivery. It’s actually been great to personally connect with my clients and help them with their beauty and gifting needs!”

Bonus: I feel like I’ll be doing a lot of “social distant” hiking this summer so I’ve added the Kinfield big repellent to my summer bag!

Focusing on Skill Acquisition:

Khrys, of Creator of Gather Group and Oros Report


“During this time, I’ve been working to pivot and re-orient myself. This is the time when we as creatives can get burnt out the quickest since it might feel like we need to work overtime to keep our clients & opportunities but with half the time. I am reprioritizing getting new skills and growing the ones I have for user experience design. I’m reading a lot more for both enjoyment but also for improvement. It makes me feel like I have a sense of control in a time of havoc.

In regards to skincare, I’ve dived into clean skincare, creating routines, and partnering with companies to share their journeys with my audience. Some standout favorites are the retinol by Maya Chia, most products from Circell, and the highlighter from CLE cosmetics.

Committing to Accessibility:

Allyson, Holistic Esthetician of Freedom Apothecary


“Here’s what I’m doing in the spirit of adaptability and resilience: I’ve always wanted to make my work accessible and to be able to reach people that may not be physically close. During my time away from my treatment room I have been focusing on ways to provide tools for those who want to connect deeper with their skin and learn about its needs. I have created virtual pay what you can offerings where clients anywhere can work with me to create an effective holistic treatment plan to get them on a path to healing. Additionally, I have been taking this time to really get clear on my vision for my business and what I want to offer, how I can and be of service, and what value I can share with anyone seeking my services. Education has always been of interest to me since I’ve had such amazing mentors and teachers of the past 7 years, so I am working on a virtual skin series to share resources and tools with folks who want to learn about the health of their skin.”

Activism and Paying-It-Forward:

Koa, of Helios + Solene, Healing as Activism and Event Curation


“Currently all of my offerings have pivoted to be virtual and I’m loving the intimacy and comfort of holding ceremony within our own spaces.

I have been feeling into the abundance of nature, embracing the fertile blooming of the spring and allowing that vibration to flow into my life. From this space of abundance, I find it important to keep the energy of exchange alive and well so I have been finding more opportunities to be of service. This looks like but is not limited to:

- Supporting my friends that are artists, healers, and small business owners

- Reserving at least two complimentary spots for every group class for the BIPOC community

- Donating one private session per month to Frontline workers

- Rolling Pay it Forward program where those in a position of abundance can donate to cover costs for those in a position of hardship or marginalized communities

- Collaborating with like-minded artists to uplift each other

- Trade culture! Been loving trading healing work for art, etc.

Favorite beauty routine: not wearing a smidge of makeup for the past two months + letting my hair roam wild

Committing to Self-Care Practices:

Nikki, of Business Coach and Creator of Human Design for Biz


“On the spiritual side, I've been using this time in quarantine to really work through my morning rituals to figure out what activities and practices serve my work in the highest way possible. These days it's a Cacao Ceremony with Ceremonial Cacao from Cacao Laboratory, stream of consciousness writing, and meditation. I've also started to design more of my sessions and engagements around Loom and Voxer so that my clients and I have the ability to communicate asynchronously and breakthroughs and learning don't have to wait until two schedules align.”

BONUS: The combination of stress, pollen, and dust has my chronic eczema flaring up so I've been loving Eczema Honey products and Beam CBD to calm both my skin and my nerves naturally.

Virtual Workshops:

Aubrey, Spirit Medicine and Transformational Breathwork


“Aubrey identifies as a queer woman of color who believes in the natural healing power of the self through breath, movement, medicine, and connection to spirit. She feels that at the heart of practice is the art of acceptance, stillness, and surrender. Her own challenges with anxiety and depression prompted her to look further at the mind and how its influence affects our state of being in the world; especially in communities of marginalized people. It wasn’t long before Aubrey realized that an exploration of mind, spirit, consciousness, and human potential was beckoning her. She recently launched her practice, Spirit Medicine, which provides alternative holistic wellness services such as Transformational breath, coaching, medicine integration & movement. Offering a complete system for natural self-care. Her guiding intention is to love & support people on their journey towards self-discovery. Through Breathwork, movement & medicine, you will uncover deep limiting beliefs while rediscovering who you truly are without all of the baggage & pain".

Check out her services and sign up for her workshop, Transform Self Limiting Beliefs with Breath, to feel the magic for yourself!

Image by Mario Oliveto

Adrienne, Essential Oils/Holistic Health Educator


“Every woman who heals herself helps heal all the women who came before her, and all those who come after her.”

- Christiane Northrup

“Since we weren’t able to move freely throughout the country, I thought so much about how everything I need is in the confines of my space at home, and perhaps the lessons I needed to learn weren’t outside at all.

I have a family, fresh food, and access to information and communication. I also have the ability to use plants to heal. No pandemic or protest could ever take away some of the fundamental truths that I have learned about self care, self love, and community.

Much of the early days of quarantine, I found myself anxious about my friends who I knew weren’t working. I would honestly just seek ways to help where I could, yet paralyzed in my own thoughts of what possibly was next as a new home educator and work at home professional.

How can the oil lady who douses strangers get her oil on when outside was closed?

I had to shift to having online classes, and that just meant I needed to quickly transition to prepare samples of essential oils for people who definitely needed to experience aromatherapy at home.

For awhile, I was paralyzed with fear myself, hearing accounts that the black community was dying at disproportionate rates.

Using some of my calming favorites like lavender and vetiver, I was able to lean into the strength I needed to push past my fear, hop in my car, and do a safe, curbside series of deliveries.

That didn’t happen in a vacuum. I needed to also further educate myself on how the systems of the body worked to overcome diseases through proper supplementation, and using clean products in and on my body.

Just before COVID-19, I was in a training ground of sorts. I needed to heal and listen to my own body. Being at home afforded me the opportunity to pour myself into holistic studies, truly putting my money where my mouth was, relying on the remedies I needed myself.

I don’t take for granted that I was introduced to a loving community of women who are healers. I learned about meditation, acupuncture, cupping, and Gua sha, coupled with the power of scent. I also learned the magic of a sweet girl gang and just how precious they are.

I still don’t know what the future holds, but I know that what this community does is take care of each other. That is wellness.”

Introductory and continuing education classes can be found at:


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