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Skin Care Quar-Routine

I know this is not a time for “business as usual” as NOTHING is in the ordinary.

However, as I have settled in a little bit more and addressed some of my own personal triggers, I realized I now have the choice to step into the version of myself who I always aim to be, despite challenges. My personal practices, the rituals for grounding and self-check that I teach, are holding me together, even on days I feel I am slightly falling apart. Still, I remain grateful and know that IT IS NOT ABOUT ME, rather, the collective. I realize people still want and need a sense of connection and “normalcy” (though I hesitate to use the word normal when speaking about a global crisis). I want to deliver something to you that may, for a moment, remind you of how worthy you are, how deeply nourished you can feel when taking care of yourself during times of stress, and how acts of service to yourself and others is the nurturing our world needs right now to HEAL.

If you’re interested and with me for purposes of skin-related content, I am giving more insight below about maintaining balance in your skin-care routine. I have found the 10-15 minutes (or more time) I choose to spend on my skin each day is the time I am able to truly tune into my mind and body, and allow some of my hyper vigilance to step away. This is a time for PRACTICE, not PERFORMANCE so what I do is just for me to feel a little more settled and it has been so insightful, I wanted to share.

Achieving the maximum results for your skin and to improve the overall health of your skin, you must have a customized, approachable routine. In order to narrow down what your particular needs are, you must first understand your skin type and conditions.

Now, skin type is (generally speaking) a fixed trait, as skin type is determined by genetics and hormones, mostly. Moreover, skin conditions are variables and change according to environment, lifestyle, hormones, allergies, illnesses, and your “nature” to name a few.

The best way to determine your skin type and identify any conditions is through a virtual consultation or a professional facial treatment.

Reason being, you may BELIEVE deeply that your skin type/conditions are one way but truthfully may be completely different than what you thought. Each individual’s needs are unique and through a thorough lifestyle/routine/wellness consultation, you may discover more about what you truly need to GLOW from the inside out. In knowing exactly what your skin may be experiencing and why, you are better able to understand how to treat, heal, balance, and optimize its health. Afterall, the skin is your largest organ and is your largest defense against bacteria and viruses therefore, healthy skin is vital to overall health.

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So, we know the obvious, you’re likely at home? Are you interested in learning simple, approachable ways to build a skincare routine? When would be better than NOW, with extra time on your hands, to establish, enhance, and transform your routine to optimize your skin health?

MAIN FOCUS: Balance...Balance...BALANCE...Breathe...

Think of your routine in 5 steps:

  1. Cleanse: finding an appropriate cleanser for your skin type and washing thoroughly, usually in multiple steps (I prefer a triple cleanse of oil cleanse and 2x over with a cleanser)

  2. Tone: restoring balance of skin's pH

  3. Protect: layering with serums/antioxidants/balms/concentrates/oils

  4. Moisturize/SPF: hydrating, softening and protecting against harmful UVA/UVB rays from sun exposure (need broad spectrum sunscreen DAILY)

  5. Exfoliate: breaks down/removes dead skin cells and speeds up skin's cellular turnover process (you may also like to mask on occasion)

Remember: layers are determined typically by consistency, so lightest layer first - heaviest layer last (however, if you use oil based products, its best practice to layer them under SPF)

First and foremost: aim for the goal of getting your skin to function optimally, which promotes balance and natural healing/resiliency in your skin. If you are experiencing skin concerns like inflammation, dullness, dryness, aging, and/or break out, to name a few, your first line of defense is working to BALANCE your skin. In short, without getting super scientific, balanced skin has a pH level of about 4.5-5.5 (5.5 is considered optimal).

Therefore, your skin is slightly acidic which promotes the regulation of warding off harmful bacteria but allowing good bacteria to thrive. An "acid mantle" that is in tact and functioning properly will ensure the preservation of your skin's moisture and lipid barriers that work to protect you against environmental factors like pollution and oxidative stress. An off-balanced pH of the skin or a more alkaline pH will make your skin more susceptible to the elements and can cause disruptions in your lipid barrier, leading to breakouts/acne, inflammation, and dryness/irritation. Moreover, a weakened barrier can lead to a predisposition to inflammation* and premature aging (alkaline skin is susceptible to sun damage).

A simple, strategic approach to your skincare will mean all the difference when it comes to balancing and optimizing skin health. I believe keeping it simple, smart, consistent and accessible will make the implementing of a routine easy...

Pay attention to the nuances of your skin as it is always working to communicate with you. You have to tune in and use your intuition to support your skin, not control it, which is one of the contributing factors to imbalanced skin. You cannot wish to control everything that is happening on your skin by overriding it with chemicals, harsh exfoliation, unnecessary cosmetic treatments, and more. The less you disrupt your skin, the more able it is to properly function and will leave you with a healthy, glowing, plump, subtle complexion! Be patient and consistent and you will succeed.

*I will be doing more posts around inflammation.

Was this content useful for you? Would you like more information about specific products? I am exploring options right now and would love to highlight some brands I love!

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