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Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Amidst these current and uncertain times, I found it more pressing than ever to continue with the message I would like to share with you in this post. I was hesitant to make this official launch I had planned but I realize, we all must adapt to this new norm.

It is my intention to share a little LGHT in this moment of lingering darkness, and tell my story, after feeling silenced for so long. I share with you my personal story and my mission in developing LGHT Wellness and how I foresee the future of its' growth and impact.

I thank you for being here and hope to connect with you further so that together, we can actualize the vision that LGHT is build upon: a transcendence from the darkness and into your internal LGHT that continues to shine and radiate throughout this world that needs you and your brilliance now more than ever.

This moment in history is a reminder from the world that at any time, anything may happen and though you cannot live with fear, preparation and living your most self-expressed life is essential. Be not afraid to continue on in your personal pursuits, whatever that may be, even if your path has shifted.

WHY "LGHT" Wellness?

What's LGHT mean? Can we break that down?

Simple, L + G are my initials; and the no "I" in "light" signifies a sense of oneness, as my belief is there is no "I", we are all a collective and a reflection of the light in one another.

Truth be told, the commitment I have to maintaining myself as a source of love and light to the world is the consequence of a series of events in my life that left me feeling lost in the darkness.

Coming from Philadelphia and being brought up in some tougher neighborhoods, I never did feel safe to express my true, authentic self and for years I hid behind behaviors that dimmed my light. As I grew older and committed to healing past traumas, I DECIDED to commit to my personal transformation and transcendence out of the darkness. I discovered practices of health (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, etc), wellness (mindset, movement, nutrition, self-love and care), self-reflection, healing and intentional ACTION, therefore, I was able to make my way to the "light at the end of the tunnel" so to speak.

Through these personal practices, I became OBSESSED, truly focused on actualizing my potential to be the highest, most authentic version of myself. But, I had to be brutally honest with myself. I had to stare at myself, in the depths of who I really am, and pull myself out of the darkness by recognizing my faults, my shortcomings, my mistakes, and my flaws. Then, I had to FEROCIOUSLY commit to finding myself on the other side of all of that by DECIDING to lead a life that I loved. I decided to live

A life of love not fear and anger, a life of authenticity not dishonesty, a life of integrity not irresponsibility.

I committed to healing, committed to myself and committed to seeing my vision of a better life into fruition so I could be used a conduit to serve in the healing and co-facilitation of overall well-being for many others in my community. I believed in my worthiness and trusted in my abilities to let my light shine so I could ignite that spark in others.

In truth, I didn't fully love and value myself previously. I always had a compass that I knew would guide me back to my inner light but I didn't always tune in and listen. It took years of practice (and I am still on the journey) to be able to truly shape myself into the woman I am now and who I can say I love deeply and am very proud of, and can acknowledge my past as its taught me.

So, my personal mission has become to gather up a tribe of soul-transforming, ritual-practicing, honesty-giving, openly-receiving, challenge-accepting humans and continuously lift ourselves through personal practice in order to collective lift others. One by one, we can see our inner light and use our resources as stewards to ignite the fire in others, leading to a ripple effect.


LGHT's Mission and Vision

Simply put, I am still (and always will be) on a journey of personal growth. Health and wellness are at the core of who I am and I always strive to maintain the most optimal version of myself so I can continue to serve at my highest level.

My ethos and value system of LGHT Wellness are centered around service, inclusion, approachability/accessibility, community care, self-accountability/self-care self-acceptance, and above all, LOVE.

There is much more to say about this but as LGHT is growing, I do not wish ti be "fixed" as I realize I am the human behind this vision and as I am always evolving, so will LGHT. Much of what I do in terms of growth relies on the input and feedback from my clients and community. I aim to maintain mindful and intentional yet direct and steadfast connection/ communication through all platforms and in person with all of you, who are a LARGE and integral part of the community I intend to build.

We all have a source of inner light, we all have abilities beyond our limiting beliefs, we all MUST do some internal work to get to the end of the tunnel, and we owe it to ourselves and the world around us to shine brighter, more brilliantly, and more boldly than ever.

Be well & stay LGHT,


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