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"Of course I booked the facial with the intention of helping out my skin but I have to say the pure bliss relaxation was my greatest takeaway. Definitely have less jaw tension, now the trick is to figure out how to keep it that way"

- Sophia P.

"Lynn’s expertise in gua sha is like no other. Her delicate touch with her tools truly elevated you to another realm. After all of my facials (I’ve had several!!) with Lynn, i have felt lighter and more free. My skin always looks so toned and i can’t thank her enough for her work!"

- Ashleigh S

With a deep and broad-based knowledge of skincare and holistic-health, it’s no surprise that Lynn is also thriving as a Gua Sha specialist. I was skeptical at first but after many sessions and work, my jaw pains subsided. I’ve also noticed increased blood flow, relaxed facial lines and a smoother appearance to my skin. Male or female, do yourself a favor with this incredible service! 

-Donovan V